Mabel Victoria

Mabel Victoria

Dr Mabel Victoria ORCID: 0000-0002-7232-1175



I am an ethnographer and applied linguist with research interests in intercultural communication, English as a lingua franca, linguistic politeness, discourse analysis, pragmatics, and linguistic landscapes. I teach Intercultural Business Communication, Exploring Culture and An Introduction to Discourse, Language and Society at Edinburgh Napier University. I have a PhD in Intercultural Communication and Applied Sociolinguistics, MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and MRes in Education. I am interested in applying insights from linguistic ethnography in the analysis of spoken discourse. My most recent publications include: 'The verbal and the visual: Insights from the Selfie Project (2018); ‘Blue Paint and White Underwear: Humour and misunderstanding in Intercultural Encounters (2016)’; and 'Every picture tells a story: Using Selfie-inspired Activities to Enhance Social Relations and Encourage Self-reflexivity (2016).

Research Areas


Conference Activity

  • Transculturing in the Third Space Using English as a Lingua Franca
  • Transculturing in the Third Space through Language
  • The selfie project: learning/teaching English in an innovative way
  • Transforming Borders into Bridges: Communication Strategies and Resources for Building Relations across Cultu
  • Using the liminal spaces of the classroom as a pedagogical resource Teaching Fellowship Conference
  • How Immigrants in an Employment-focused Program ‘do’ Solidarity and Empathy


Editorial Activity

  • Managing Editor
  • Book Review Editor


External Examining/Validations

  • External Examiner
  • PhD External Examiner
  • External Examiner


Invited Speaker

  • Applied Linguistics according to Kermit, the Frog
  • Research Writing for Researchers
  • The Language of Friendship and Solidarity in Intercultural Encounters
  • Intercultural Border Crossings
  • How Canadian Immigrants from different Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds Manage Interaction Successfully
  • Navigating Intercultural Border Crossings through Language



  • Peer Reviewer


Pre-Napier Funded Projects

  • An Investigation into Communication Strategies by English as a Lingua Franca Speakers
  • Power and Politeness in Philippine Higher Education Classrooms
  • PhD project funded by The Open University

Current Post Grad projects