Nicola Ring

nicola ring

Dr Nicola Ring

Associate Professor


My professional background is in nursing and health visiting. I have worked in the care of adults and children in various hospital and community settings across Scotland. I have also worked in a multi-disciplinary capacity in the NHS in the specialist field of clinical effectiveness and clinical governance.

My academic career started in 2002, since then I have held academic posts in adult and child health nursing. I have extensive experience of developing post-graduate health researchers at masters level having led MRes modules and an MRes programme. I am experienced at successfully supervising masters students on research placements and during dissertation. I have been supervising PhD students since 2014. I am an experienced researcher and principal investigator. My research broadly focuses on the generation and evaluation of evidence in practice. Initially, reflecting my background in clinical effectiveness, I conducted health service evaluations. More recently, my PhD by Publication (2013) was a critical analysis of evidence based practice – the case of asthma action plans. This work involved a systematic review of trials, a qualitative evidence synthesis using meta-ethnography, linguistic analysis and cross-study synthesis to use meta-ethnography findings to better understand interventions effective in promoting the use of asthma action plans. My PhD studies led to me conducting further meta-ethnographies on a range of topics and methodological research on the approach. In particular, I was a co-applicant on the 2 year NIHR funded study to develop guidance for use in meta-ethnography reporting (eMERGE). This project involved collaborating with international experts in the field, lay people and organisations likely to use meta-ethnography findings to develop reporting guidance. It is hoped that use of this guidance by researchers will promote the transparency and quality of future meta-ethnography reports, thereby increasing the potential application and utility of such findings to research and practice.

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