Piotr Jaworski

Piotr Jaworski

Dr Piotr Jaworski SFHEA



Since April 2006 lecturing at the Edinburgh Napier Business School. Previously, since 2003 he has been lecturing in Britain: first at University College London and then at Birkbeck College. Before this, since 1994, he worked in Poland at Warsaw School of Economics and in The School of Insurance and Banking. He was also involved in negotiations on Polish accession to the European Union serving as an adviser to minister of finance for eight years. His PhD thesis on economics of pension systems was awarded with first prize for the best Polish thesis by the French BISE bank in 2004.

Research Areas


Conference Activity

  • Developments in Economics Education (DEE) Conference
  • 20th SPACE AGM & Conference Tallinn
  • 15th EDiNEB Conference in Malaga
  • 15th EDiNEB Conference in Malaga
  • SPACE AGM & Conference Mechelen
  • Moodle Moot Conference Edinburgh
  • Advance HE Teaching & Learning Conference 2018


Media Activity

  • Interview with Russian 5 News Channel on Scottish Independence
  • Interview for STV News on Scottish Independence
  • Scottish independence referendum: Experts examine the claims - BBC


External Examining/Validations

  • UCL External Examiner
  • The University of Hong Kong External Examiner
  • University of Sunderland External Examiner
  • UCL External Examiner
  • UCL Augmented Annual Monitoring
  • Aston University periodic review of Maters’ Programmes
  • Liverpool John Moor's University External Examiner


Invited Speaker

  • Scottish Festival of Politics Panelist: Workers’ Rights in the 21st Century – do we need them?
  • Scottish Festival of Politics One of two panellists: Made in Dagenham – film screening?


Grant Reviewer

  • MRC Predictive inferences for clinical decision-making using multivariate meta-analysis through copulas


Fellowships and Awards

  • Outstanding Polish in Scotland (Science) by the Pangea International
  • Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy



  • Czech Sociological Review - Special Reviews: Behavioral Economics for Sociological Purposes
  • Principles of Economics textbook by Stevenson/Wolfers
  • Sloman, Essentials of Economics, 7th edition
  • Glenn Hubbard, Introductory Economics, Pearson
  • Economics by Daron Acemoglu, David Laibson and John List, Pearson
  • Enrico Colombatto for a student textbook entitled Economics for the Non-economist. Palgrave.
  • Macroeconomics: A European Perspective by Olivier Blanchard, Alessia Amighini and Francesco Giavazzi, Pearson
  • Business Economics by Andrew Gillespie, Oxford University Press
  • Begg “Foundations of Economics, 5th Edition”, McGraw Hill
  • Andrew Gillespie Foundations of Economics, Oxford University Press


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