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Professor Tariq Muneer BEng (Hons) MSc, PhD, CEng, FCIBSE, Millennium Fellow Professor Tariq Muneer, Professor of Energy Engineering at Napier University, Edinburgh currently chairs an active group engaged in research on ‘Sustainable Energy’ that includes ‘Sustainable Transport’.  Professor Muneer is an international authority on the subject of solar energy and its use in buildings with over 35 years experience.  He is the author of over 215 technical articles, most of which have been distilled in his research monographs.

Professor Muneer is also a visiting professor for the period of 2013-2020 for the following two universities: University of Granada, Granada, Spain University of Maribor, Celje campus, Slovenia

Professor Muneer is the co-ordinator of Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers’ Solar Data Task Group and in this capacity he has been involved in the production of the CIBSE Guides A& J for Weather and Solar Data.  Professor Muneer has also been employed both by the government and industry as a consultant on a large number of engineering projects. Professor Muneer has been awarded several prestigious awards including the Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowship (2000-02), the Royal Academy of Engineering Engineers Secondment Overseas (1995), the Leverhulme Trust (1989) and the University College, Oxford/General Electric Company (1989) Research Fellowships.  He is also the recipient of the Osmania University’s Karamat Jung Gold Medal (1974), CIBSE Carter Bronze Medal (1990), CIBSE Napier Shaw Bronze Medal (1999), Millennium Commission’s Fellowship Award (1999), Walsh-Weston (Society of Light & Lighting, London) Award (2002), Services to Industry Group’s Proof of Concept award (2003) and the Scottish Green Energy, Highly Recommended Best Renewable Award (2006).

Under Professor Muneer’s supervision 3 MPhil and 28 PhD candidates have successfully gained their awards.  A further five doctoral programmes are currently underway.

Professor Muneer has been a PI for one EPSRC grant that dealt with solar radiation and daylight modelling and a co-investigator for two further EPSRC grants that dealt with the subject areas of ‘climate change’ and ‘decentralised grids’.

Research Areas



Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Chair of CIBSE solar data task group. In the latter capacity I have contributed significantly towards the development of design guides for professional engineers.


Conference Activity

  • ‘Solar thermal energy collection and storage’ – keynote presentation at the SET international conference, Beijing, China (2009)
  • ‘Solar-charged electric vehicles’ – invited lecture delivered in Lerwick, organised by National Museum of Scotland (2013)
  • ‘Solar radiation network’ - keynote address to International Conference on Solar Radiation and Daylight, Hong Kong (2008)
  • ‘Solar energy for sustainability I’ – keynote address to International Conference on Solar Radiation and Daylight, Brno, Czech (2011)
  • ‘Solar energy for sustainability III’ – keynote address to International Conference on Solar Radiation and Daylight, Celje, Slovenia (2015)
  • ‘Solar energy for sustainability II’ – keynote address to International Conference on Solar Radiation and Daylight, Granada, Spain (2013)
  • ‘Prospects for solar water heating – keynote presentation at the joint Royal Society, London and the Chinese Academy of Science experts’ meeting, Beijing, China (2007)
  • ‘Energy Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University’ – presentations made over four days at the University Aix Marseilles (2015)
  • Chair of international conferences. In 2003 at Napier I started the Solaris network that brings together solar radiation researchers under one organisation. To date seven international meetings have been organised, respectively held at (i) Edinburgh, 2003
  • ‘Operating experience of an electric car fleet’ – technical presentation at ECOSSE event held at Scottish Government, Edinburgh (2015)


Editorial Activity

  • Regional Editor, Indoor and Built Environment journal, SAGE publications (2010-14)
  • Guest Editor: Energy (Elsevier journal), Volume 30, Number 9, July 2005. Special issue on ‘Measurement and modelling of solar radiation and daylight: Challenges for the 21st century’.
  • Editorial Board Member, Future cities and environment, Springer (2015-present)
  • Editorial Board Member, Sustainable Cities and Society, Elsevier (2011-13)


External Examining/Validations

  • I have been an external examiner for 35 PhD and 2 MPhil candidates.
  • External Examiner for MSc in Renewable Energy & Architecture, Nottingham University, England (Term of appointment: 2003-07)
  • External Examiner for BSc (Hons) in Renewable Energy, Dundee University, Scotland (Term of appointment: 2008-12)
  • External Examiner for MSc Renewable Energy, University of Agder, Norway (2013-present)
  • External Examiner for BA in Sustainable Built Environment, Nottingham University, England (Term of appointment: 2011-14)
  • External Examiner for BEng in Architectural Engineering, Nottingham University, England (Term of appointment: 2011-14)
  • External Examiner for MSc in Renewable Energy, Dundee University, Scotland (Term of appointment: 2011-14)
  • External Examiner for MEng in Architecture & Environmental Design, Nottingham University, England (Term of appointment: 2011-14)


Fellowships and Awards

  • Research Excellence Award
  • I was awarded the title of ‘Millennium Fellow’ by Duke of Dalkeith, Chair of Millennium Commission (2000).
  • Napier Shaw Bronze Medal (1998) for “Solar diffuse irradiance: Estimation using air mass and precipitable water data”. Building Services Engineering Research & Technology 19, 2, 79-85
  • Walsh-Weston Award (2000) for “All-sky zenith luminance models for the UK". LR&T 31, 2, 49-56
  • Carter Bronze Medal (1990) for "Solar heated and daylit office buildings - a design study" BSER&T 11, 4, 141-151


Grant Reviewer

  • Member of EPSRC College (2004-2009)


Invited Speaker

  • Experts Group Workshop, India
  • Keynote speaker at a large number of events held across the globe and organised under the aegis of institutions such as The Royal Society, London.


Media Activity

  • Electric vehicles: article in Scotland on Sunday
  • Conference Video for CIC Start Online


Public Engagement Activity

  • ‘Piping daylight’ – invited talk given at International Year of Light event in Edinburgh organised by BELTANE (2014)



  • Reviewer for a number of Elsevier and Sage journals including Energy, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, and Light Research & Technology journals.


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