Vanesa Fuertes

Vanesa Fuertes

Dr Vanesa Fuertes BSc, MSc, PhD, AFHEA

Research Fellow


Vanesa Fuertes is a Research Fellow at the Employment Research Institute, the Business School at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. She also is a lecturer in a number of modules within the Business School. Vanesa’s background is in sociology and political science with an MSc in social research and a PhD in public policy. She has conducted major research projects on behalf of, amongst other organisations, the Scottish Government, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the European Commission. Vanesa is a member of the Social Policy Association and of the IPSA Research Committee on the Structure and Organization of Government.

Vanesa has extensive expertise in leading research projects, liaising and networking with various stakeholders, as well as organising and delivering training, workshops, and dissemination events. Her focus is primarily qualitative research with extensive knowledge and experience of a number of research methods, involving cross-sectional and longitudinal applied and evaluation research. A recognised academic, she has presented papers and organised panels at major international and national conferences and has published in the areas of governance and management, labour markets and social exclusion.



Fellowships and Awards

  • Highly Commended Paper winner 2014 for the journal Employee Relations


Invited Speaker

  • Combating Poverty in Europe Conference, April 2014, Edinburgh. Organised by PA, EAPN, and Edinburgh University
  • Skills and Employability Summit, July 2012, Bilbao. Organised by the Basque Government
  • Edinburgh Joined Up For Jobs Forum, October 2015, Edinburgh.
  • 'Welfare Trajectories in the BRICS and Beyond: Policy Development, Political Determinants and Social Impact' Conference, November 2015, Milan.


Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Invited participant of the Stakeholder Group for the SOPIE study


Conference Activity

  • Organisation of Stream 5 at the 2015 ESPAnet Annual Conference
  • Organisation of Stream 5 at the 2016 ESPAnet Annual Conference
  • Organisation of Early-Stage Researchers' Conference, 12-13 May 2014, Bordeaux
  • Organisation of the 'Ageing and the Workplace' workshop, 12 May 2017, Edinburgh.
  • Organisation of LOCALISE Conference, 23 May 2014, Edinburgh.


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