The Impact Investment Symposium was launched in April 2020. It aims to create meaningful connections, spark collaborations, and develop understanding between investors, philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.
The Impact Investment Symposium grew out of longitudinal research (since 2012) on Scottish institutional impact investors and Edinburgh Napier University’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

It has formed a distinct arm of the School's applied Covid-19 Support to the business community.


After consultation, the Symposium agreed the following objectives: 
• Champion impact investment and social enterprise in Scotland.
• Increase investment in businesses which seek to make a positive social or environmental impact. 
• Provide a platform for impactful collaboration. 
• Cultivate viable and scalable business models for social enterprise. 
• Support social enterprises affected by COVID-19.

Action groups

To consider these objectives in greater detail, and deliver concrete outcomes, the Symposium established 5 Action groups, which are currently progressing specific themes: 
1. Impact Investment framework - a mapping exercises and framework for the ecosystem.
2. Co-creation - looking at a specific new funding route for social enterprises.
3. Online Platform - communication support for forum members and roll out of initiatives.
4. Game Changing - Using technology to provide support and solutions to social enterprises.
5. Money, Innovation and Solutions - looking at ways the Symposium's ecosystem can unlock opportunities.

Each Action group consists of a Chair, a group of Symposium members and input from relevant Edinburgh Napier academics. Their primary focus is to help social enterprises to survive, recover and thrive. 

Activity in each group is progressing towards specific recommended activities or initiatives. These will be presented to the Symposium for agreement as appropriate.

Collaborate with us

For further information on the Impact Investment Symposium, please contact Dr Wendy Wu.