At Edinburgh Napier University, we work with industry and the public sector to share the benefits of our groundbreaking research.
Funding schemes

We work with a number of funding schemes to support innovation within your organisation. Our expert advisors can help you find the one that best suits your circumstances.

European funding

The European commission provides funding to support collaboration between academia and industry across the European Union and beyond.

You can use this funding to undertake activities including:

  • research and innovation - from lab to market
  • education and training
  • boosting SME competitiveness

Our specialist advisors can help you with the application process.

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Knowledge transfer partnerships

When you join a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) with us, you'll work on a project that could help you enter a new market, increase your competitiveness, or take advantage of new technologies.

You'll partner with a recent graduate and our academic staff to take advantage of our knowledge, technology and skills.

A KTP can last for one to three years, and you can take advantage of grants to cover a significant portion of the cost.

The most successful KTPs have taken place when businesses have wanted to introduce new skills or innovative practices into their operations. See some examples of successful KTPs.

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Innovation vouchers

The Scottish Funding Council's innovation vouchers provide funding so that SMEs can work with an expert from Edinburgh Napier University for the first time, getting new konwledge to help their business innovate, develop and grow.

You can propose a collaborative project that should lead to new products, services and processes that will benefit your business, our University and the Scottish economy. You can apply for an initial award of up to £5,000.

You can also apply for a follow-on voucher, worth between £5,000 and £20,000, if you want to build on the new collaboration.

See how we worked with Care Management 2000 to develop a vital new mobile platform for their business using innovation voucher funding

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Innovate UK

Innovate UK fund, support and connect innovative businesses to accelerate sustainable economic growth. They manage a range of programmes to drive technology-enabled innovation.

Our research and innovation advisers can help you apply for funding from Innovate UK.

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Scottish Enterprise Research and Development Grant

The Research and Development Grant supports businesses developing new products, processes and services to improve company competitiveness and to benefit the Scottish economy. Projects typically last six to 36 months, and the grant can cover up to 35% of the project costs.

Get in touch with our advisers to find out how we can help you benefit from a Research and Development Grant.

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Scottish Enterprise SMART Grant

SMART: SCOTLAND provides grants to SMEs based in Scotland. The grant helps you undertake technical feasibility studies and research and development projects that have a commercial endpoint.

Speak to our advisors to to get expert assistance applying to SMART Grants.

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