Find talent for your business

From free advertising of your vacancies, through to a range of on-campus careers events there are many ways to attract our talented students.

Advertising Graduate Vacancies and Internships

ProspectsNet is a free service that lets you advertise:

  • graduate vacancies
  • work experience opportunities
  • part-time or casual work
  • volunteering opportunities

How it works

Once you’ve uploaded your vacancy on ProspectsNet, we can publicise it free of charge to 13 other Scottish universities through the Scottish Shared Vacancies Service (SVS).

After entering your details with us on ProspectsNet, just follow the instructions provided to automatically post it to our SVS partners.

Careers fairs and Networking Events

We run a broad range of Careers Fairs and subject specific networking events across the academic year. It gives you the opportunity to talk to our students about your organisation and helps our students have a clearer picture of what opportunities are available for them.