About the live project

The Live Project investigates a ring-fenceable marketing-related issue defined by partner organisations.

​How it works

What the student teams do 

  • The team will work on a project for 15 weeks, investigating and analysing a particular market / problem from published sources and from their own research.
  • They present this in a detailed report (6,000 words plus appendices) and in an oral presentation (an hour including questions).

What the partner organisations do

  • The partner organisation puts together a short initial brief with background, objectives and requirements, on a template. See developing the brief
  • After the project has been decided, the brief can be written in 20 minutes.
  • Partner organisations are committing to briefing the team as above and face-to-face, helping with ad-hoc queries throughout their work (meeting again if possible), attending a briefing on their findings (the presentation) and marking the report. We give out guidelines on this.
  • Most organisation contacts described the time they spent on the live project as 'not much' and 'about right'. The time spent added up to 1.5 man days in small chunks. More on the commitment of partner organisations.  
  • Many organisation contacts share the workload with a colleague and use the live project as an opportunity for staff development.

Benefits of the live project

The Live Project is useful for organisations large and small – large multinationals to recent start-ups, charities and NGOs to marketing agencies.

Benefits of taking part in the Live Project for partner organisations include:

  • A partner organisation gets an extra resource to help address a problem that may be on their to-do list. The team's output and analysis will provide a suggested solution.
  • An organisation helps students to get experience of the real world and apply the knowledge that they have learned.
  • Organisations help to contribute to the development of the next generation of marketing professionals in Hong Kong.
  • The project does not require a vast amount of time.
  • This could be a win for an organisation’s CSR commitment.


The Live Project is designed to overcome worries about confidentiality.

All students taking part in the Live Project sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of the project.

If the organisation has its own version of this (A non-aisclosure agreement, for example) this can be signed instead.

Students are told that they should not reveal data to anyone at all who asks, even that data which they themselves collect. 

When students mention the program on their CV, as an example of engaging with real world marketing problems, descriptions will not go into detail of what the students found and what they recommend.

In the Summer’s Live Project, students are on the part-time version of the degree and are also working. In this instance the organisation and the industry in which the team are working in are recorded to confirm that none of the student team is in the organisation's industry.

Some additional suggestions about confidentiality are given in the face-to-face initial briefing. Find out more about developing a brief.

Contact us

Email Mr CN Lo (cmcnlo@cityu.edu.hk or Dr Olivia Koon (owckoon@cityu.edu.hk) to find out more about being a part of the Live Project scheme.