Partner organisation commitment

One of the key benefits of Live Projects is that it doesn’t require a large investment of time from our partner organisations.

Feedback from previous organisation contacts suggested that the amount of time spent on the Live Project by the organisation was about one and a half man days spread over 15 weeks.

This commitment is described and estimated in hours below (includes all communication face-to-face, by email or by telephone). If you nominate another member of staff to help, this commitment will be shared. Dates and trimester week numbers are given.

Activity involving the Organisation Contact(s)

Hours (estimated)

Deadline (spring 2015 full-time programme)

Deadline (summer 2015 part-time programme)

Write project brief and agree (internally) whether you will be the sole org contact or you will share this with a colleague. 


By Monday 18 January (week 1)

By Monday 30 May (week 1)

Agree project brief with module leader (by email) or Live Project co-ordinator.


By Wednesday 20 January

By Wednesday 1 June

Live Project brief is issued to the student team by SCOPE administrators in Hong Kong.


Friday 22 January

Friday 3 June

Brief student team and their project tutor (the Initial Briefing) face-to-face in the organisation's offices (or at CityU if no room is free). Includes site visit for the team and tutor.

​1.5 (hrs average)

Monday 1 February, or close, depending on availability (week 3)

Monday 13 June, or close, depending on availability (week 3)

Lunar New Year holiday for students.


Monday 8 February - Wednesday 10 February


Communication with the liaison person in the student team. If the student teams ask for it and the organisation contact is available, this may involve one or two meetings at their offices. Usually there will be no extra meetings. Other communications are by email or telephone instead.


February, March, April

​June, July, August

Mid-project meeting
The team will send an interim draft. This is an outline with preliminary findings; some sections may be completed, but not many. The team is given feedback by the organisation. Involves a meeting/ email.

1 read draft
1 meeting or email

Wednesday 16 March (week 8)

Wednesday 20 July (week 8)

The Team submits draft final report to the partner organisation. This is read by the Organisation Contact. They quickly give feedback on it.

2 read draft.
1 give feedback

Tuesday 19 April (week 12)

Tuesday 16 August (week 12)

Team submits final report. The Organisation Contact reads it before the presentation, then marks it and submits the report mark to the SCOPE administrator soon after the presentation.

2-3 read report and mark

Thursday 5 May (week 14)

Thursday 1 September (week 14)

Presentation. 30 - 40 mins plus questions. Total 1 hour. Informal meeting with students afterwards. Later Organisation Contact marks the presentation.

1 hour presentation plus 30 mins meeting

Monday 16 May or Tuesday 16 May (week 16)

Monday 12 September or Tuesday 13 September (week 16)