Research Integrity

Edinburgh Napier University is committed to providing an environment that recognises and supports research excellence.

Research should be conducted to the highest levels of integrity, including appropriate research design and frameworks, to ensure that findings are robust and defensible. Researchers should also adhere to the highest level of research ethics, in line with requirements set out by national and international regulatory bodies including the Concordat to Support Research Integrity (2019).

All staff and students should be familiar with the Universities Policies and procedures that govern the research process.

In keeping in with this commitment, Edinburgh Napier operates a code of practice. The Edinburgh Napier University Code of Practice on Research Integrity defines the research principles and practices to which all students and staff at the University must adhere.

Code of Practice on Research Integrity​ (PDF)

The University Research Integrity Committee

The University Research Integrity Committee oversees governance policies, procedures and practices across the University.

The Committee also has responsibility for investigating allegations of research misconduct in line with its Research Misconduct Policy. Should anybody wish to contact the University in this regard, please contact the clerk using the details below.

Please contact the clerk should you have a query, issue or concerns regarding research Integrity:

Dr. Janel Fontaine
Clerk of University Research Integrity Committee

Research, Innovation & Enterprise
Edinburgh Napier University
Room H18, Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
Edinburgh EH10 5DT


Approval for ethics applications is devolved to school level. More information regarding polices and procedures related to an associated school can be found on the internal pages.

Annual Statements

Annual statements are produced in compliance to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity (2019) to highlight Edinburgh Napier’s continuing commitment to support the highest levels of research integrity.

Download research integrity annual statements