Holly Patrick

Holly Patrick is new to Edinburgh Napier. Here she shares her experience to date and her initial thoughts since coming on board. 

Dr Holly Patrick, Lecturer in the Human Resources Management group of Edinburgh Napier University's Business school.


What's your area of research?

My area of research is employment insecurity. In particular I'm interested in understanding how white collar work is becoming increasingly precarious. 

What attracted you to a fellowship at Edinburgh Napier University?

I had been here for less than 2 months when one of my colleagues suggested applying for a Leverhulme fellowship. Buoyed by the support of my line manager, I arranged some meetings with the Research and Innovation Office team to throw some ideas around and to understand how the process of applying for research funding works at the University.

What has your experience been like to date?

In the 4 short months I've been here, I've had the opportunity to attend 3 one-on-one discussions with Research and Innovation Office staff to discuss the fellowship application and broader professional development prospects. I have worked at other universities in the UK and in Australia, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced such encouraging and personalised research support. 

What is it like being based in Edinburgh?

I am delighted to be back living in the home of the Scottish Enlightenment. Edinburgh is a city which provides me with inspiration every day.