Conference on Financial Environment for Refugees and Immigrant Communities: Islamic Finance in Action

Start date and time

Thursday 2 March 2023

to Friday 3 March 2023



Conference Theme:
This Conference solicits papers examining the financing gaps among the Muslim refugees and immigrant communities, and how Islamic finance can respond to this financing gaps through creating financial inclusion for emancipatory and empowering nature. In addition, papers on informal financing channels within the Muslim community for business development will be considered.
This Conference aims to open discussion for the generation of policies aiming to improve the financial inclusion of Muslim immigrant entrepreneurs and develop innovative learning tools for key stakeholders.
The Conference also invites papers exploring and examining innovative and creative ideas in Islamic moral economy and finance; challenges for Muslim entrepreneurs seeking financial assistance and the problem of effectively monitoring and managing moral hazard present in almost all entrepreneurial finance but arguably more important in Islamic entrepreneurial finance.
The Conference in part also focuses on sustainable micro-finance projects and entrepreneurial developments which can positively contribute poverty alleviation.
As the first of its kind to take place in Scotland and the wider UK, the Conference will explore successful financial integration of Muslim refugees and immigrant entrepreneurs, understanding how this leads to increasing equality, labour market integration, and access to healthy workplaces.
Conference Funding:
Focusing on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses beyond micro- or small-sized enterprises, the New Scots Integration Delivery Research Project run by academics at the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education funded by Scottish Government and the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (the European Union) places its key knowledge exchange with Muslim immigrant entrepreneurs, Islamic leadership, and organizations offering support to entrepreneurs.