In-between Belongings: Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the Lives of Syrian Refugees in Scotland

Start date and time

Tuesday 3 October 2023


Al-Maktoum Foundation - Dundee

Event Highlights:

Discovering New Realities: Delve into the world of Syrian refugees as they navigate an entirely new rhythm of life during the pandemic. This event showcases how rhythm analysis serves as a critical lens, allowing us to comprehend the essence of 'being a refugee' beyond its legal and social definitions.

A Mode of Being: Explore the transformative concept of 'mode of being in the world.' Gain insights into the profound shift these refugees experienced, transcending their past lived realities to embrace a new, challenging, and rhythmically distinctive existence.

Capturing Complexity: Witness the power of artistic expression as participants, armed with iPods, visually capture and audibly reflect on their daily encounters. Experience their spatial and non-spatial realities, offering a vivid portrayal of the multifaceted tapestry of everyday life.

Fractured Rhythms: Immerse yourself in the narrative of shattered rhythms that epitomize the pandemic era. Understand how lockdowns and the post-Covid social landscape have sculpted an ever-evolving rhythm of existence for these refugees.

The Resonance of Emptiness: Explore the overarching theme of 'emptiness,' where time and space intertwine to evoke a poignant nostalgia for what was and a sense of paralysis for what currently is. Uncover the deep-seated yearning for belonging and the concept of 'home.'

This event is in collaboration with: Scottish Refugee Council, Edinburgh Napier University, Al-Maktoum College, Abertay University Dundee.