Interactive Visualization in the Medical Domain - SICSA Distinguished Visiting Professor Seminar

Start date and time

Monday 19 June 2017


G2, Merchiston Campus

What we see is more informative than what we read or what we hear. We, therefore, like to visualize our perception of data, feeling, activity, anatomy, relationship, etc. We like to communicate or share information through visualization because it is efficient, relatively accurate and less verbose. Although visualization is highly useful for every field, it is essential for medical domain which sustains human life and its activities.
Significant amount of work has been done on visualization, still we need to learn a lot more to exploit its strength to manage activities of medical domain. One of the problems of visualization data (graphs) that we will discuss is their storage and access. If we use one node of a graph for a patient then there is likely to be around 10 billion nodes for all patients in USA. If every patient’s ailment is an edge then there will be lots and lots of edges. In this seminar we will investigate various aspects of medical domain such as PMR (patient medical record), data on human biology and physicians’ needs and explore how they can be managed (stored and access) for visualizing patients’ medical data with least latency with high accuracy. I will present a few ideas and together with the audience, we will try to learn what features of visualization would reveal additional information so that physicians could improve their diagnostic accuracy. This seminar will neither critically analyze recent visualization techniques nor develop new techniques. Rather, it will focus on defining new directions in visualization necessary to meet the challenges of today’s medical needs: diagnostics, patient treatment, imaging, etc.
The seminar will engage students, faculty and if possible medical professionals for a productive discussion.

Prof. Vijay Kumar is a Curators’ Distinguished Research Professor. Computer Science, University of Missouri-Kansas City, U.S.A. His research areas are (a) Data Dissemination through Wireless Channels, (b) Mobile Database Systems (MDS), (c) Sensor Technology, (d) Information security, (e) Cloud computing and (f) Medical Informatics. A number of these projects have been funded by grants from National Science Foundation, HP labs, Sprint, St Lukes Hospital research Foundations, etc. He has 100+ refereed publications in ACM TODS, IEEE TKDE, IEEE TMC, ACM Communications, and national and international conferences. He is the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Next Generation Computing (IJNGC). He has written five books which have been published by John Wiley, Prentice Hall, and Kluwer. Prof. Kumar is a senior member of ACM and IEEE and ACM distinguished speaker. He has served as program chair, general chair, etc., on a number of ACM and IEEE international and national conferences. He has given a number of invited and keynote talks at various academic events (conferences, seminars, etc.)