Prof Chandra Bhat visit from Transportation Research, University of Texas at Austin

Start date and time

Friday 17 June 2016


Professor Chandra Bhat Director of the Centre for Transportation Research, The University of Texas at Austin visited TRI at Edinburgh Napier University to discuss joint collaborations with Professor Wafaa Saleh and TRI. Professor Bhat gave a presentation on “Predictive Analytics for Transportation Planning and Operations in a World of Big Data”. The focus of the presentation was on the Big Data view of the transportation world, in which a whole host of equipment can act as sensors — legacy roadway systems, smart phones and GPS systems, and smart cars themselves. The key issue is how to deal with such voluminous amounts of incoming data per unit of time, and translate them into usable information for near-real time operations purposes or for longer-term planning purposes. For further information about Dr Chandra Bhat: see