Research findings presented at ISO Working Group on hand-transmitted vibration (ISO/TC108/SC4/WG3)

Start date and time

Thursday 25 April 2019


SIS, Swedish Standards Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

On the 25th of April at the request of the international standards organisation, working group 108/SC 4/WG 3 held a meeting to review the evidence in support of a new proposal to investigate the viability of assessing hand transmitted vibration exposure on the human. The multinational working group was set up expressly for this purpose following the presentation of material at the 2018 JCHRV conference in Osaka pertaining to the research conducted by Edinburgh Napier University earlier that year in collaboration with Professor Setsuo Maeda of Kindai University and Reactec Ltd. During the meeting on the 25th, the researchers provided a summary of findings published within the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics in early 2019 which demonstrated the correlation between vibration assessed on live subjects and the human response.

At the conclusion of the meeting, ISO member representatives agreed to proceed and commence internal testing of the new technology along with a technical review of its operational specifications. Members further agreed to commence definition of what information might be required to standardise such a technology.