Running a Marathon Book Campaign, 2013

Start date and time

Sunday 3 March 2013


Sweets may seem like a strange choice to include in a marathon runner's bag, but there was a significance for this decision, apart from runners needing a good sugar boost of course!

270 promotional goodie bags were distributed.

The vampire fangs and gummy teeth were chosen to represent "Olalla", a novella of gothic theme that tells the story of a mysterious family with a strange penchant for human blood!

And why jelly babies? Fun fact (that will hopefully help you in future table quizzes) – jelly babies were originally called ‘peace babies’ to celebrate the end of the First World War!

These were a fitting treat to represent our book "The Glorious Thing" -- a novel set in Edinburgh during WWI.

This was a "novel" way to raise awareness for our projects.
It was inspiring for students to see how many people were interested in what we were doing, as well as hear some of their stories as well.

Exemplifying cross-discipline collaboration, Simoné Hinrichsen, a journalism student at Edinburgh Napier University, was commissioned to film our activity and a video is available.