Seminar with Dr Kathy Charles (Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University) on personalized learning and metacognition

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Wednesday 1 May 2019


Edinburgh Napier University (Sighthill Campus)

Metacognition is often described as “thinking about thinking” or “cognition about cognition”. In the educational domain it is typically considered as an important ability which can be honed to improve academic performance. Metacognition comprises both knowledge about cognition and regulation of cognition. Within the regulation of cognition there is an affective and social component which tends to receive less attention than the strategic knowledge aspect. Technology enhanced personalized learning is currently very popular across Higher Education. Students can participate in learning through Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), apps, and other online systems designed to either work alone or in conjunction with face-to-face classes. Further personalization also occurs in the form of assessment choice, the use of learning profiles, and artificial and ambient intelligence.

In this talk, Dr Kathy Charles will explore the extent to which increasing personalization may hinder the development of the regulatory and social aspects of metacognition.

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