Techniques and Interfaces for Trustworthy Robotics - School of Computing Seminar Series

Start date and time

Wednesday 21 February 2018


CORE44 Merchiston Campus

Prof. Helen Hastie of Heriot-Watt University will deliver a seminar entitled "Techniques and Interfaces for Trustworthy Robotics".
In the near future, we will see a rapid adoption of robots and autonomous systems in modern society, from self-driving cars to robots in the home and in hazardous and hard-to-reach environments. Trust is an important commodity in this regard because it encourages cooperation with the robot and enables smooth execution of the task at hand, with humans and robots working as part of the same team. There is an important trade-off between control and trust in autonomy and one solution is for the system to explain its reasoning and actions. For systems that use deep machine learning, this will involve Explainable AI, an emerging field in itself. Prof. Hastie presents techniques for establishing and maintaining the appropriate level of trust including increasing transparency through dialogue and explanations, with applications focusing on her work with interfaces for underwater autonomous systems.