Visiting researcher - Dr Jamal K. Mansour (Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Queen Margaret University) to present on moving beyond dichotomous approaches to eyewitness identification decision making

Start date and time

Wednesday 6 February 2019


Edinburgh Napier University (Sighthill Campus)

Understanding how eyewitnesses make identification decisions is important for theory and practice. Traditionally, such decisions have been conceptualized dichotomously—as relative or absolute judgements or as involving automatic recognition or a process of elimination. However, these dichotomies were never intended as comprehensive theoretical frameworks. Indeed, behavioural and theoretical work demonstrates that eyewitness identification decision processes are more nuanced than such dichotomies can account for.

In this talk, organised by Dr Alex McIntyre, invited speaker Dr Jamal K. Mansour (QMU) will discuss how she has used eye tracking, think alouds, and post-identification questioning to obtain rich information about eyewitness identification decision processes and the implications of these findings for the development and refinement of theories of eyewitness identification decision making.