John Mowbray presents research on social networks and job seeking

Date posted

27 June 2016

Centre for Social Informatics PhD student John Mowbray is delivering a paper entitled ‘The role of networking and social media tools during job search: an information behaviour perspective’ at Conceptions of Library and Information Science (CoLIS9) in Sweden this afternoon.

The paper is based on work that John has completed as part of his ESRC-funded doctoral study. John will present a critical analysis of the extant literature pertaining to the networking behaviours of young job seekers, and propose a framework derived from information behaviour theory as a basis for conducting further research in this area.

Conceptions of Library and Information Science (CoLIS) is a series of international conferences that provides a broad forum for the exploration and exchange of ideas in the field of Library and Information Science, Information Studies, and related disciplines.

For further details about the paper, please see the post on Hazel Hall's blog.