Letter in FT on Brexit consequences
Letter in Financial Times pointing out that need for business to engage with EU will increase, rather than decrease, post-Brexit.

Date posted

8 August 2016

Sir, Jim Brunsden and Alex Barker, in “City of London eyes ‘equivalence’ as post-Brexit link with EU” (July 26), make the point that relating to the EU on the basis of “equivalence” will be much more time-consuming and complicated than what the City is used to. But that is true across the board.

An official in Brussels told me that he follows EU affairs in the Swiss media, which report every twist and turn in detail, to help their audience keep track of what the country cannot influence or control. Ignoring what goes on in the EU, or responding with eye-rolling and mockery, are luxuries available only to people in member states.

It is one of the many ironies of Brexit that when it comes to following EU policies, the UK has opted for more Europe, not less.

Owen Kelly

Edinburgh Napier University Business School, UK