Music and Design Staff Showcase their Work at the Architecture Fringe
The SituLab Research Group (Dr Katrina Burton, Dr Samantha Vettese, Dr Kathy Vones) and invited musician, Joanna Stark presented their ongoing project into how the public respond to modern architectural heritage through in-situ musical compositions and experiential, digital souvenirs.

Date posted

12 June 2018

Following the success of their Doors open Day activities the SituLab Research Group returned to present their musical composition and digitally crafted souvenirs created specially for Craigsbank Parish Church.

The composition and souvenirs (limited edition 3D printed models and digitally printed badges) are all directly inspired by the architectural elements of Craigsbank.

The public were invited to visit the space, hear the music, interact with and collect their own souvenir and to reflect on their surroundings. These emotive reactions will form part of the research group’s continuing interest in embedding personal narrative and sentiment into site-specific musical compositions and souvenirs.