Norco Factory Team Mechanic Lewis Kirkwood Thinks Mountain Biking Could be Giving us Bad Vibrations
A recent study from Edinburgh Napier University suggests that mountain bikers are experiencing more intense vibrations than a construction worker who has spent a day on a jackhammer. The study was carried out by Norco Factory Team mechanic, Lewis Kirkwood, as part of his Ph.D. He fitted accelerometers to the bars of two top-ten riders' bikes at a round of the Scottish Enduro Series and the British Championships. These are tracks that have hosted EWS rounds in the past and represent a typical, elite-level enduro race. The work was unsertaken in collaboration with Dr Mark Taylor (SEBE Civil Engineering Department).

Date posted

7 August 2019

Article published in association with Journal of Science and Cycling article recently pubished in collaboration with Sports Science research group.