Prof . Emma Hart gives interview "An Insider's Guide to Evolutionary Computation"
Laura van Beers from ContactEngine, a London based company delivering software that enables its customers to proactively engage customers in AI-driven conversations to fulfil their business objectives interviewed Emma Hart, Professor of Natural Computation at Edinburgh Napier University to find out more about her research, where the technology can be used, and where it is going over the next 5 years

Date posted

17 December 2018

The 20 minute video discusses the field of Evolutionary Computation and describes:

What is evolutionary computation?
What industries are using evolutionary computation to their advantage?
Will humanity ever find an algorithm that is truly able to learn, adapt and perform without any human interference?
How will this technology impact companies over the next 3 years and beyond?

The company followed up the video with a blog post called "Six things you need to know about evolutionary computation" that can be found here