Prof. Emma Hart interviewed in new video released by Sentient AI to provide unique insights to business leaders on the growing applicability of evolutionary computation
Sentient Technologies, a world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) products based on evolutionary computation, today announced a new video collection that provides unique insights to the burgeoning AI community and business leaders around the world on the growing applicability of evolutionary computation, a form of AI inspired by biological evolution.

16 experts from all around the world were interviewed, including Prof. Emma Hart from the UK

Date posted

14 August 2018

Evolutionary computation is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that can bring creative solutions to many different commercial problems, for example, trading, digital marketing, healthcare and cyber agriculture.

In the pursuit of advancing AI, some of the foremost experts in both the academic and commercial worlds of AI are coming together to share their knowledge and research on this topic. Sentient AI sat down to understand more about where they see AI heading and the significant role evolutionary computation is destined to play as the new deep learning.