Prof. Emma Hart invited to talk at Scotland IS Software Engineering Leader's Forum to discuss SICSA's work on AI
Prof. Emma Hart gave an invited talk at the monthly meet-up of the Scotland IS Software Engineering forum on behalf of the SICSA AI theme to describe the work taking place across Scottish Universities in the field of Artificial Intelligence

Date posted

20 November 2018

SICSA (Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance) promotes international excellence in University-led research, education, and knowledge exchange for Scottish Informatics and Computer Science. We are an SFC-funded Research Pool comprising all 14 Scottish Higher Education Computer Science & Informatics Schools and Departments.

It comprises of 7 research themes covering research in the broad field of Computer Science. Prof. Emma Hart co-leads the Artificial Intelligence.

The ScotlandIS Software Engineering Forum attracts around 25-30 senior people from industry at each meet up. Polly Purvis (CEO of ScotlandIS) invited the leaders of the SICSA themes to present at the meet-up over the course of the year, to inform the industry of the research developments taking place in the Scottish Universities.