Science in the City 'Bites' Napier's first public science quiz
Three-minute videos were pre-recorded by up to 6 voluntary researchers within the School of Applied Sciences (this will include PhD students, lecturers, researchers with priority given to COVID-19 based research). These short ‘bites’ of science were be concise, rapid, exciting and descriptive presentations (with or without the use of props - but without the use of PowerPoint) to showcase the individual’s research.

The aim was to inspire and wow the audience (members of the public) about the diverse research culture at Napier, but also to educate them. Following the short video segments, there will be a live, interactive science quiz with prizes to be won.

Date posted

17 June 2021

Viewing stats following the event:

Facebook – 1,100 people, 8 likes, 12 comments and 3 shares, 310 video views
YouTube – 100 views, 10 likes, 20+ comments
LinkedIn – 62 likes, 23 comments, 1256 video plays, 4,000 impressions