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A Competency Framework for Nurses Providing Care to People with Breast Cancer
  This competency framework has been written by members of the RCN Cancer and Breast Care Nursing Forum and is based on the Career and Education Framework for Cancer Nursing (RCN, 2017). It incorporates breast cancer specific nursing competencies for registered nurses supporting people affected by breast cancer.

This publication replaces the RCN’s (2007) Clinical Standards for Working in a Breast Specialty and will enable registered nurses to map their competence and identify areas for clinical and professional development. It is designed to be used flexibly, acknowledging that not all competencies will be relevant in every circumstance.

The structure of the document is similar to the Career and Education Framework for Cancer Nursing (RCN, 2017) to ensure consistency within the cancer nursing workforce. This competency publication provides a:

• framework for career development, training and education for nurses who are engaged in providing care to people affected by breast cancer (PABC)
• point of reference to help identify and develop the knowledge, skills and competence needed by nurses to provide care to people with breast cancer –through accredited programmes, non-accredited learning and development opportunities that target both professional and local service needs.

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    Policy Document

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    20 August 2019

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    New Funder


Afseth, J., Dooher, P., & Hoyles, P. (2019). A Competency Framework for Nurses Providing Care to People with Breast Cancer. London: Royal College of Nursing



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