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A conceptual language for querying object oriented data
  A variety of languages have been proposed for object oriented database systems in order to provide facilities for ad hoc querying. However, in order to model at the conceptual level, an object oriented schema definition language must itself provide facilities for describing the behaviour of data. This paper demonstrates that with only modest extensions, such a schema definition language may serve as a query notation. These extensions are concerned solely with supporting the interactive nature of ad hoc querying, providing facilities for naming and displaying query operations and their results.


Barclay, P. J., & Kennedy, J. (1994). A conceptual language for querying object oriented data. In D. S. Bowers (Ed.), Directions in Databases: Proceedings [of the] 12th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 12, Guildford, United Kingdom, July 6-8, 1994 (187-204).



Database theory; High level languages; Object oriented data; Schema definition language; Query notation; Language extensions

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