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A Physical Activity Referral Program Improves Risk Factors in Those Who Have Completed Cardiac Rehabilitation
  Background: On completion of cardiac rehabilitation (CR),participants may be referred to community-based physical activity programs. There is limited data to determine additional benefits of these programs supplemental to CR.
Methods: Using longitudinal referral data from the 24-week Northumberland Exercise Referral Scheme (2009-2015), we examined uptake, 12-week adherence and 24-weekcompletion. Pre and post-program self-reported physical activity levels, body mass index and waist circumference were explored via repeated measures analyses. Multivariate analysis assessed whether demographic/personal factors predicted uptake and completion. Results: Of 11,233 referrals made by health care professionals, 830 (7.4%) were CR completers. For this group, uptake was85.2% (n = 707). Referrals were predominantly male (70.8%).Mean age was 65.2 (SD10.37) years. Of those who started,77.4% (n = 547) were 12-week adherers and 66.5% (n = 470)were 24-week completers. Physical activity levels increased(baseline = 30.6% active, final = 44.5% active; p < 0.001). There were decreases in body mass index (baseline = 28.2 (SD4.8)kg/m2, final = 27.9 (SD4.5) kg/m2; p < 0.05) and waist circumference (baseline = 100.5 (SD12.8) cm, final = 99.1 (SD12.5)cm; p < 0.001). Using regression minimally increased ability to predict uptake and completion. Being aged 65–74 years was positively associated with uptake (OR 4.030; 95% CI2.234-7.271; p < 0.001). Being aged 65-74 (OR 2.132; 95% CI1.268-3.387; p < 0.05) and not smoking (OR 2.801; 95% CI1.073-7.271; p < 0.05) were positively associated with completion, while being female (OR 0.663; 95% CI 0.461-0.953;p < 0.05) was negatively associated. Conclusion: A community-based activity program led to significant positive changes in cardiovascular risk factors beyond those achieved on CR completion. Research is required to better understand influences on uptake and adherence

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    10 August 2017

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Hanson, C., Neubeck, L., & Dodd-Reynolds, C. (2017, August). A Physical Activity Referral Program Improves Risk Factors in Those Who Have Completed Cardiac Rehabilitation. Presented at Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand 65th Annual Scientific Meeting Clinical and Preventative Cardiology Symposium, Perth, Australia


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