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A Proposal of a New Chaotic Map for Application in the Image Encryption Domain
  Several chaos-based image encryption schemes have been proposed in the last decade. Each encryption scheme has pros and cons regarding its speed, complexity, and security. This paper proposes a new chaotic map called Power-Chaotic Map (PCM). Characteristics of the proposed PCM, such as chaotic behaviour, randomness, sensitivity, and s-unimodality, are investigated. As an application of the proposed chaotic map, an image encryption scheme is proposed to encrypt greyscale and text images. The proposed three-phase image encryption scheme performs a series of substitution and permutation operations. The Pixel-Level phase utilises the PCM’s generated keystreams to perform the substitution operation of image pixels. The Row-Level phase permutates, via a proposed pseudorandom number generator, pixel locations of each row and then shuffles row locations. Finally, the Column-Level phase performs a substitution operation on pixels of each column. Performance of the proposed PCM-based image encryption scheme is investigated through histogram analysis, statistical correlation analysis, key sensitivity, encryption performance of text images, and permutation and substitution properties. Experimental results indicate that the PCM has a wider range of chaotic behaviour than well-known one-dimensional maps, meets the s-unimodality property, has high sensitivity, and generates keystreams with random-like behaviour. Furthermore, results indicate that the PCM-based image encryption scheme provides high encryption security for text images, high key sensitivity, immunity against brute-force attacks, strong statistical correlation results, strong encryption performance, and low computational complexity.

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    07 November 2022

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    In Press

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    World Scientific Pub Co Pte Ltd

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Abu-Amara, F., & Ahmad, J. (in press). A Proposal of a New Chaotic Map for Application in the Image Encryption Domain. Journal of Information and Knowledge Management,



Chaotic map, image encryption, s-unimodality, permutation, substitution

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