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A qualitative evaluation study of erasmus intensive programs (IP) - a contribution to transcultural nursing?
  This qualitative study set out to explore the main aspects of an Erasmus IP which contribute to student learning. One cohort of 45 IP students (n=8) completed a previously designed survey and the results used to inform interviews in a second cohort of 48 students from 9 institutions and 8 countries. Two sets of focus groups (FGs) were conducted and audiotaped. The first FGs were sorted by countries (and incorporated all participants)s. The second FGs consisted of a spokesperson from each of the first groups, meaning that this group was multinational. The results were transcribed verbatim. Thematic content analysis was performed by three
researchers from different countries initially and joint agreement reached subsequently. The four main emerging themes were: transcultural nursing, transcultural experience, organization of the IP and student commitment. Subthemes revealed that in nursing, students learned that they had similar issues but different ways of managing these. The actual students’ experience showed it to be rewarding, helped them to think more creatively and provided peer learning in informal settings. Improvements are suggested concerning practical organizational matters and a better match between lectures and the IP topic, however the formal learning was especially valuable to nursing students and the informal learning was clearly evident.

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    03 February 2014

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    LB2300 Higher Education

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    378 Higher education


Kydd, A., Tsudi-Madsen, C., Chaves, C., & Tricas-Sauras, S. (2014). A qualitative evaluation study of erasmus intensive programs (IP) - a contribution to transcultural nursing?. Journal of Teaching and Education, 3(1), 609-616



Transcultural nursing, erasmus intensive programs, student evaluation, focus groups, international peer learning, cultural competence,

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