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A Secure Occupational Therapy Framework for Monitoring Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life
  Once diagnosed with cancer, a patient goes through a series of diagnosis and tests, which are referred to as “after cancer treatment”. Due to the nature of the treatment and side effects, maintaining quality of life (QoL) in the home environment is a challenging task. Sometimes, a cancer patient’s situation changes abruptly as the functionality of certain organs deteriorates, which affects their QoL. One way of knowing the physiological functional status of a cancer patient is to design an occupational therapy. In this paper, we propose a blockchain and off-chain-based framework, which will allow multiple medical and ambient intelligent Internet of Things sensors to capture the QoL information from one’s home environment and securely share it with their community of interest. Using our proposed framework, both transactional records and multimedia big data can be shared with an oncologist or palliative care unit for real-time decision support. We have also developed blockchain-based data analytics, which will allow a clinician to visualize the immutable history of the patient’s data available from an in-home secure monitoring system for a better understanding of a patient’s current or historical states. Finally, we will present our current implementation status, which provides significant encouragement for further development.

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    29 November 2019

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    University of Glasgow


Abdur Rahman, M., Rashid, M. M., Le Kernec, J., Philippe, B., Barnes, S. J., Fioranelli, F., …Imran, M. (2019). A Secure Occupational Therapy Framework for Monitoring Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life. Sensors, 19(23),



cyber-physical occupational therapy system; distributed medical big data; health IoT sensors; therapeutic kinematic data; quality of life

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