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A standard data model representation for taxonomic information.
  The names used by biologists to label the observations they make are imprecise. This is an issue as workers increasingly seek to exploit data gathered from multiple, unrelated sources on line. Even when the international codes of nomenclature are followed strictly the resulting
names (Taxon Names) do not uniquely identify the taxa (Taxon Concepts) that have been described by taxonomists but merely groups of type specimens. A standard data model for exchange of taxonomic information is described. It addresses this issue by facilitating explicit communication of information about Taxon Concepts and their associated names. A representation of this model as a XML Schema is introduced and the implications of the use
of Globally Unique Identifiers discussed.

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    01 June 2006

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Kennedy, J., Hyam, R., Kukla, R., & Paterson, T. (2006). A standard data model representation for taxonomic information. OMICS, 10, 220-230. doi:10.1089/omi.2006.10.220



Taxon names; Taxa; Taxonomy; Biological data; Comparisons; Standard data model; XML schema; Global unique identifiers;Computing;

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