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A web of contradictions.
  We describe our use of contradictions, a concept central to a popular formulation of activity theory, to derive requirements of a new technical system to support an administrative system. Contradictions are the underlying causes of disturbances in the free operation of workplace activities. We argue and demonstrate that the resolution of such contradictions can be used as the basis for the (user-centred) design of a new system. We conclude that contradictions are both conceptually valuable in understanding the design of systems and are of considerable practical use.


Turner, S. & Turner, P. (2001). A web of contradictions. Interacting with Computers. 14, 1-14. doi:10.1016/S0953-5438(01)00039-X. ISSN 0953-5438



Activity theory; Requirements; Case study; User-centred design; Technical systems; Administrative support;

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