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Acculturation Processes of International Labour in Switzerland in the Hospitality Organisations
  The following research examines the acculturation processes of migrants, working in Switzerland, particularly in the hospitality industry. Due to rapid globalisation and lack of investigation on worker's adaptation, there remains a gap in the research based on the employees' cultural clash occurrence. The study explores potential tools which might simplify cultural adaptation and provide a better understanding of international communication for any future employees coming to live and work in Switzerland. Semi-structured interviews with participants from different nationalities were conducted to identify the importance of effective acculturation, the adaptation issues, and the influence of those on work and life in Switzerland. The results demonstrate that the most efficient way to acculturate in Switzerland is integration to the culture and traditions of the country and its history through understanding their values, norms, practices. Moreover, Switzerland was viewed as a very conservative and strict country where one must work hard to be accepted. Those participants who tried to separate, assimilate, or marginalise tend to experience tougher acculturation. Language, namely Swiss German or German, was highlighted as the most essential to learn or to be provided by the workplace. Lastly, current research identified a link between successful acculturation with job opportunities and development. Since salaries and job opportunities are not the same for the foreign workers in comparison to Swiss employees on the same position there might be a potential recommendation for improvement. Little to no link has been found between acculturation and psychological well-being, financial status, and health conditions.

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    30 April 2023

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    Historic Funder (pre-Worktribe)


Ermolaeva, P., & Sisson, A. D. (2023). Acculturation Processes of International Labour in Switzerland in the Hospitality Organisations. African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, 12(2), 624-637



acculturation; adaptation; international labour; migrant workers; Hofstede's framework

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