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Acoustic Isolator for a Party Wall.
  Abstract of GB2429719
The invention relates to a party wall 10 and comprises first and second skins 12, 14 and a cavity 16 between the skins; an acoustic isolator 22; and a fixing means that fixes the acoustic isolator 22 to the inner surface of at least one of the first and second skins 12, 14. The acoustic isolator 22 typically comprises acoustic insulating material, and prevents any mortar droppings that fall into the cavity from mechanically bridging the cavity between the first and the second skins 12, 14. A method of building a cavity wall and a wall tie are also described.

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    02 May 2007

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Smith, S., Bignell, D., Parrett, R., Wood, J. & Flynn, P. (2007). Acoustic Isolator for a Party Wall.



Acoustic insulation; Acoustic isolation; Noise reduction; Wall construction; Party wall;

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