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Aizerman Conjectures for a class of multivariate positive systems
  The Aizerman Conjecture predicts stability for a class of nonlinear control systems on the basis of linear system stability analysis. The conjecture is known to be false in general. Here, a number of Aizerman conjectures are shown to be true for a class of internally positive multivariate systems, under a natural generalisation of the classical sector condition and, moreover, guarantee positivity in closed loop. These results are stronger and/or more general than existing results. The paper relates the obtained results to other, diverse, results in the literature.

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    27 October 2022

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    In Press

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Drummond, R., Guiver, C., & Turner, M. (in press). Aizerman Conjectures for a class of multivariate positive systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control,



Linear systems, Standards, Stability criteria, Nonlinear systems, Linear matrix inequalities, Asymptotic stability, Transfer functions

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