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An effective salp swarm based MPPT for photovoltaic systems under dynamic and partial shading conditions
  This study proposes a duty cycle-based direct search method that capitalizes on a bioinspired optimization algorithm known as the salp swarm algorithm (SSA). The goal is to improve the tracking capability of the maximum power point (MPP) controller for optimum power extraction from a photovoltaic system under dynamic environmental conditions. The performance of the proposed SSA is tested under a transition between uniform irradiances and a transition between partial shading (PS) conditions with a focus on convergence speed, fast and accurate tracking, reduce high initial exploration oscillation, and low steady-state oscillation at MPP. Simulation results demonstrate the superiority of the proposed SSA algorithm in terms of tracking performance. The performance of the SSA method is better than the conventional (hill-climbing) and among other popular metaheuristic methods. Further validation of the SSA performance is conducted via experimental studies involving a DC-DC buck-boost converter driven by TMS320F28335 DSP on the Texas Instruments Experimenter Kit platform. Hardware results show that the proposed SSA method aligns with the simulation in terms of fast-tracking, convergence speed, and satisfactory accuracy under PS and dynamic conditions. The proposed SSA method tracks maximum power with high efficiency through its superficial structures and concepts, as well as its easy implementation. Moreover, the SSA maintains a steady-state oscillation at a minimum level to improve the overall energy yield. It thus compensates for the shortcomings of other existing methods.

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    19 February 2021

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    Historic Funder (pre-Worktribe); Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) through the SFI Strategic Partnership Programme


Jamaludin, M. N. I., Tajuddin, M. F. N., Ahmed, J., Azmi, A., Azmi, S. A., Ghazali, N. H., …Alhelou, H. H. (2021). An effective salp swarm based MPPT for photovoltaic systems under dynamic and partial shading conditions. IEEE Access, 9, 34570-34589.



MPPT, salp swarm optimization, partial shading, PV characteristic, MATLAB

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