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An insurance policy: a case study of legal and economic interactions in a transforming economy
  The article is devoted to the specific case study of individual insurance policy issued during the time of centrally planned economy but matured after the beginning of the economic transformation of the 90-ties. The analysis of that particular case seems to be very useful in understanding a much wider issue, problems arising with continuation of contractual relations in the changing economic and political environment in the post socialist countries. The text describes the burden of systemic risk, which every investment in transition economies (except perhaps the East-German) is associated with through the example of individual case and solutions, which could be applied to it.
In 1989, due to the international and domestic situation Poland was able to initiate the change of its economic system. On January 1st, 1990 the overhaul of the economy was started by introduction of a stabilisation package. In the new economic conditions there was no place for the unbalanced relations between firms and their customers. This altogether with the changes of the legal environment of business was the beginning of game of interests between the beneficiary and insurance entity, neither of them assuming to be responsible for the burden of economic changes.
The article concerns the legal, financial and economic aspects of the judicial analysis of conflict between policy owner and insurance entity. The result of the consideration is a set of claims, which could be forwarded by the insured person together with the strategy guidelines for the insurance company.

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    31 March 2004

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    Taylor & Francis

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    HC Economic History and Conditions

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    330 Economics


Jaworski, P., & Wierzbicki, J. (2004). An insurance policy: a case study of legal and economic interactions in a transforming economy. Post-Communist Economies, 16(1), 99-109. doi:10.1080/1463137042000194870



Insurance polcy; planned economy; systemic risk; transition; conflict;

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