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Analysis of small sided games training in elite youth soccer players.
  The aim of this study was to investigate small sided games (SSGs) field size (small, large) effect on elite youth soccer players. Analysing differences in youth age group players physiological performance and time and motion responses according to field
size, through the mean of global positioning system (GPS).Data was collected from ninety six (N=96) elite youth soccer players (aged 10.4± 0.2 years -16.2± 0.5 years; height 142.4±5.8cm -179.1±4.7cm; body mass 33.6±4.2kg-69.9±6.5kg) serving as
participants in this study aged u11, u12, u13, u14, u15, u16/17. Player measurement of physical responses and GPS time and motion external workload categories and RPE responses were recorded during 4v4 SSGs 3x3min on small field size 20x20m and large field size 40x40m, with 1.30 min active recovery.
All players completed the RPE Scale (Rate Perceived Exertion) assessment the Borg 6-20 - point scale, validated within studies, as a measurement method of perceived exertion giving valid indication of exercise intensity (Chen, 2002). It was hypothesised SSGs small field size would elicit greater task intensity in players physical and time motion responses compared to SSGs large field size. SSGs
performance was reported as total distance covered (metres), metres covered per minute, maximum velocity, with data reported as both absolute (m) and relative (m · min -1) relevant speed zones for age groups were applied, as applied and validated in previous research studies. (Harley, Barnes, Portas Lovell. Barrett and Paul,
2010).Results showed a significant main effect Youth Age Groups distance covered (F (2, 94) =7977.4, p=

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    30 November 2015

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    RC1200 Sports Medicine

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Gilogley, W. Analysis of small sided games training in elite youth soccer players. (Thesis). Edinburgh Napier University. Retrieved from



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