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Anglophone Sub-Sahara Africa video industry : a new paradigmatic practice of moviemaking
  The subject of this study is Sub-Sahara Africa Anglophone Video-moviemaking and the research process is an empirical enquiry into how this contemporary cultural industry has emerged in the region, bringing with it a paradigmatic shift in the concept of cinema on
the African continent. Within this context I look at the interventions that necessitate and define this industry pioneered by Ghana and Nigeria. These interventions are historical, economic, social and political.
To put this research into perspective I commence with the critical question: why is it important to do a study on Sub-Sahara Anglophone video-moviemaking? It is an important subject because this is the history that is barely constructed. It is a history that follows traditional lines of filmmaking and yet distinctly differs from the traditional concept of high culture celluloid filmmaking. It is an industry that is a significant part of the economies of producing countries. The products of this industry also constitute a major source of entertainment in Africa and among African immigrants in the West. Yet, studies on African moviemaking practices have, until most recently, bypassed this important industry. By undertaking this research I explore Sub-Sahara Africa videomoviemaking in order to open discussion and critical review of this creative industry that forms an important part of the economic and cultural systems in the region.
This thesis is a hybrid with two components – a text document and an audio-visual documentary on a digital versatile disk (DVD). The presentation of these two components reflects the expansion of dissemination platforms for study results. In presenting these two different formats I have to reduce certain things from each side but I do so in such a way that they work together. In that working together is an emerging corporative that intervenes beyond academia.

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    17 May 2013

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Boateng, K. Anglophone Sub-Sahara Africa video industry : a new paradigmatic practice of moviemaking. (Thesis). Edinburgh Napier University. Retrieved from



Sub-Sahara Africa Anglophone Video-moviemaking; cultural industry; cinema; movie-making; filmmaking; Afircan continent;

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