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'Big Brother' researchers to rein in horse obesity
  RESEARCHERS have adopted Big Brother tactics to tackle growing levels of obesity in Britain’s horse population.

One in three horses, and over 80% of ponies, are currently believed to be in danger of fat-related health risks such as laminitis – the equine equivalent of a human heart attack.

Now a pioneering scientific study is set to put different breeds under 24-hour surveillance to find out what makes some fillies fitties or fatties.

Tiny cameras, GPS devices and movement monitors will be attached to the animals in order to analyse every last aspect of their lifestyles.

A research team from Edinburgh Napier University and horse feed manufacturer Dodson & Horrell have teamed up to run the three-year project.

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    31 December 2010

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    QH301 Biology


Smith, D. (2010). 'Big Brother' researchers to rein in horse obesity. Inspiring Futures,



Horse obesity; laminitis; animal nutrition;

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