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Common Errors and Good Practice in Design and Workmanship.

  A great variety of design and construction techniques have been
described from around the European Union and beyond. COST action TU0901 has provided a unique opportunity to exchange practical experience of the design, construction and in-situ performance of these diverse construction types and techniques.
This chapter highlights good practice in design and implementation to assist in learning from other’s experience to improve future housing standards. The absence of good practice can lead to workmanship errors.
These are also highlighted to help those involved to learn from site
experiences of others, and to avoid duplicating mistakes. In this way the collective expertise can benefit all, helping designers and builders to make the most of the materials at their disposal to deliver the best sound insulation achievable considering practical and economic constraints.
Although separated for clarity, it should also be noted that good practice design and workmanship should be considered holistically, with each informing the development of the other. Good designs are often those which are easier and more logical to implement, thereby being less prone to workmanship variability. Good workmanship involves thought and care, with an appreciation of key aspects such as flanking transmission. Thoughtful construction can then feed back into more robust design solutions based on the experience gained on site. Building codes which encourage this symbiosis between effective design and good construction practice has been shown to deliver sound insulation improvements to citizens.

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    30 April 2014

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    COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology

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    TH Building construction

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    693 Specific materials & purposes


García, T. C., Fausti, P., Beentjes, W., Clarke, E., & Steel, C. (2014). Common Errors and Good Practice in Design and Workmanship. In B. Rasmusen, & M. Machimbarrena (Eds.), COST Action TU0901: Building acoustics throughout Europe Volume 1: Towards a common framework in building acoustics throughout Europe, 180-257. COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology



Construction techniques; design; good practice; housing standards; sound insulation;

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