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Computing the State of Specknets: an immune-inspired approach.
  Speckled Computing is an emerging technology based on the
deployment of thousands of minute semiconductor grains in
dense, wireless networks known as Specknets. Specknets collect
and process data to achieve some application dependent
functionality. In this paper, we present the first tier of our
three-level framework for Specknets, inspired by the natural
innate immune system. In particular, we focus on information
gathering by examining corresponding mechanisms in
the immune system, from which we derive an initial model.
In addition, we discuss simulation of the model and present
preliminary experimental results concerned with the coverage
of the network during sample collection.

  • Date:

    02 February 2009

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    IEEE Computer Society Press

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    QA75 Electronic computers. Computer science


Davoudani, D., Hart, E., & Paechter, B. (2009). Computing the State of Specknets: an immune-inspired approach. In Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems, 2008. SPECTS 2008. International Symposium on, 52-59



Bio-inspired computing; immune system;wireless sensor networks; artificial immune systems; speckled computing; Specknets; minute semiconductor grains;

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