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Controlling Light by Curvilinear MetaSurfaces
  Huge interest in controlling and manipulating electromagnetic waves is recently and strongly evolving, mainly due to the growing demand of reliable technologies in several application fields, such as communications, healthcare, military and safety. Despite the plethora of technologies existing nowadays, limitations are still present, such as limited speed, low response control, narrow bandwidth, and large dimensions of electronic devices. In this scenario, new engineered materials with unprecedented electromagnetic properties (i.e., MetaSurfaces) can represent a very suitable technology solution. In this paper, a MetaSurface structure is modelled, designed, manufactured and experimentally tested, to be used in several applications. Specifically, results are presented for (i) advanced medical diagnostics, (ii) enhance communication signals along curvilinear paths (i.e., bend optical fibers) and (iii) cloaking applications. Experimental results reveal that the MetaSurface can fully manipulate and process electromagnetic waves at will. The proposed structure appears to be highly versatile and scalable, with great potential to be used for many other practical applications.


Taibi, A. M., Durant, A., Loscrí, V., Vegni, A. M., & Spada, L. L. (2019). Controlling Light by Curvilinear MetaSurfaces. In NANOCOM '19: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual ACM International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication.


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