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Electromagnetic and thermal nanostructures: from waves to circuits
  Nanomaterials have become crucial to develop new technologies in several practical applications fields. Until now nanostructures have been mostly associated with electromagnetism and optics. The aim of this letter is to extend the applicability of such structures also to other wave-based phenomena, such as thermodynamics. Here, in analogy to electric nanocircuits, we present the concept of thermal circuit nanoelements. The basic circuit elements, namely, resistors, capacitors and inductors, are evaluated in terms of electromagnetic (electric permittivity ε) and thermal (conductivity k and convection coefficient h) nanostructure properties. Coupled nanocircuits and parallel/series combinations are also developed. The multi-functional nanostructure can simultaneously control and manipulate both electromagnetic and thermal waves, paving the way to realize more complex electrical and thermal devices.

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    06 March 2020

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    IOP Publishing

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Donnelly, E., & La Spada, L. (2020). Electromagnetic and thermal nanostructures: from waves to circuits. Engineering Research Express, 2(1), 015045.



nanostructures, electromagnetic waves, thermal waves, circuit model

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