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¿Existe un papel para biosaf en las dietas de equinos?

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BIOSAF Sc47 has been incorporated into the diets of rabbits, sheep, cattle, and pigs, where has allowed a better use of the food, high consumption and better productive performance in general. Its mode of action is not fully discovered, but it seems that to have maximum effect, the yeast must be alive and metabolically active. However components of yeast, as wall materials, play important roles in the regulation of diseases.

Several modes of action have been proposed to explain the beneficial effect of BIOSAF Sc47 added to the diet of ruminants. These include:

1. consumption of oxygen that has been ingested with food and that can inhibit the activity of anaerobic organisms of the reticulo.

2. stimulation of consumer organizations of lactate, which helps to maintain an optimal pH for cellulolytic organisms.

3 increase the number of cellulolytic organisms and, therefore, the production of volatile fatty acids.

4 provides factors that promote growth (such as nucleotides) rumen organisms.

Horses are herbivores and used the same food resources as ruminants, so it is expected that supplementation with BIOSAF Sc47 these animals can help them in the same way to best use their food. In addition, horses, as well as ruminants, are susceptible to acidosis due to consumption of diets rich in starch.

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    Conference Paper (unpublished)

  • Date:

    01 January 2002

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    QH301 Biology

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    573 Specific physiological systems in animals

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    Historic Funder (pre-Worktribe)


Stebbens, H. R., Smith, D., & Cuddeford, D. (2002, January). ¿Existe un papel para biosaf en las dietas de equinos?. Paper presented at el V Seminario Internacional de Microbiología Aplicada a la Nutrición Animal, Guadalajara, 2002, Guadalajara



Animal nutrition; animal feed; yeast; disease regulation;

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